What Ingredients Make a Noxzema Good For Sunburn?

A common question asked by those suffering from a skin condition such as eczema is what is the best cure for nocturnal sunburns (or just sunburns). Sunburn treatments for different types of skin conditions differ but the goal remains the same. You want to reduce redness, itchiness and pain caused by sunburns. You also want to keep your skin looking as radiant as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is through the use of topical products containing sunscreen or sunblock. Noxzema has been effective as a sunburn treatment since the time it was first developed.

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In fact, Noxzema has been originally developed as a treatment for sunburn as well. Its active ingredients are camphor, eucalyptus and phenol. And all the synergy between these ingredients in a topical moisturizer for sunburn relief makes for a very satisfying result. A good moisturizer for healing sunburns should contain camphor, eucalyptus and phenol.

Topical skin moisturizers

Other types of topical skin moisturizers for sunburn relief are creams and lotions that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, also called AHAs. One of the most popular brands on the market right now is called Puritano Sunscreen Lotion. It was developed by a doctor who specialized in eczema and who had considerable success treating patients with this type of condition. So he formulated a light, natural lotion that is a great alternative to other harsh lotions and creams.

The base of the Puritano cream is a creamy white lotion, which soothes your skin while preventing the production of sebum, the oil that contributes to the sensation of sunburn on your skin. The cream’s active ingredients to help relieve your pain and discomfort as well. They include: arnica, mentha piperita, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronan, sodium hyaluronate, and valylated hydroxytoluene. All of these ingredients work to heal the painful cuts and sores that are characteristic of the sunburn experience and to soothe your skin and minimize the pain you feel during the time that you have your sunburned skin treated.

Nothing compares to a good quality Noxzema sunburn cream!

Another ingredient of good quality in a good moisturizer for sunburn relief is soybean oil. Soybean oil contains many nutrients, including amino acids, fatty acids, sterols, and antioxidants. Its effectiveness as a moisturizer for sunburns is well known; studies have found that it works particularly well when combined with the plant emollient grape seed oil. It even contains anti-oxidants, making it a healthy choice as a moisturizer.

You can find other types of creams suitable for eczema sufferers, that contain some or all of the ingredients above. However, when it comes to treating the pain and discomfort that accompany this condition, nothing compares to a good quality Noxzema sunburn cream. It’s safe and effective, and it will eliminate the painful burning sensations that characterize eczema outbreaks. If you need to treat sunburn effectively and safely, you should consider a good moisturizing cream with the above ingredients.